IBC / Totes and Drum Sales

New & Reconditioned Totes & Drums

Coastal Container Services (CCS) supplies and recycles various IBCs or totes to meet every chemical, pharmaceutical, or food industry need. Available in various forms and sizes, we offer one-way, rotomold, stainless steel and ISO containers.


For products that do not require a new tank, our reconditioned IBC totes go easy on your budget. Our refurbished IBCs are available in capacities of 275 and 330 gallons.

Totes, Drums & Barrels for Sale
New Bottle & Rebottle

New bottle and reconditioned one-way totes are available in 275 & 330 gallon sizes. Stainless and rotomold plastic totes come in various sizes. Our in-house pressure testing systems certify that all quality totes are recognized as UN-rated containers.

CCS recovery group recycles all these various totes that includes rebates on reusable totes and scrap valued stainless tanks.