IBC & Drum Return Form

IBC & Drum Return Form

Our research has indicated that the EPA is in the process of changing the rules regarding RCRA and what is considered “EMPTY”. To hopefully stay in front of this we are installing an additional document that needs to be filled out and signed for each load we receive PRIOR to the delivery or pick up of the load. Please see the attached form that we are now asking our customers to fill out. This will help us prepare for the load and know what's coming in. Not everything coming in can be handled the same way, we need to know what things are as the load comes off the truck so we can handle it accordingly. This will also help us stop product from coming in that we are not permitted to handle and costly rejections.

CCS IBC.Drum Return Form

CCS New Account Setup Form

New Account Forms

Our new account form will collect all the important information that needed for CCS to make a decision on extending Net Terms.

All forms will be needed

We have also providing you our W9 & Credit References & Remit Instructions