What Sets Coastal Container Services Apart

At Coastal Container Services, we specialize in tote, drum, and tank sales and recycling. We have proudly served the greater Houston area for more than 30 years, meeting the needs of commercial and industrial customers throughout our community. Our team understands how integral these types of containers and services are to countless industries on the Gulf Coast, so we strive to provide top-quality products and an unmatched customer experience.

When it comes to your container needs, we understand that your business has options. However, there’s a reason why Coastal Container Services has a reputation as the best. Not only are our bulk containers unmatched, but our recycling program also makes hazardous material management a breeze. In addition our customer service is second to none. Keep reading to learn more about what sets us apart from the competition, then contact us to discuss your next project.

Affordable IBCs Totes

Affordable IBCs, Totes, and Drums

If you need a versatile storage and transportation solution, we have a variety of new and reconditioned intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), totes, and drums available in many forms and sizes. These containers are suitable for different liquid and solid products, and their durability makes them ideal for years of continuous use. Whether you need a 55-gallon plastic drum or a 275-gallon IBC tote, Coastal Container Services has the container for you.

Because our company prioritizes waste reduction and a reduced carbon footprint, we’re proud to offer affordable reconditioned IBCs, totes, and drums for products that don’t require a brand-new container. By giving an old tank new life, you can enjoy cost savings while reducing your impact on our environment.

Whether you purchase a new or reconditioned IBC, tote, or drum, you can expect the same quality, strength, and versatility from us. If you have any questions about our containers’ dimensions or capacities, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

ISO Tank Containers

High-Quality ISO Tank Containers

For customers who are in the business of transporting liquids, Coastal Container Services offers high-quality and durable International Standard Organization (ISO) tank containers. Our ISO tanks are capable of carrying hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, making them suitable for a range of applications. Many of our customers use these tanks for storing and transporting dairy products, solvents, and more, so usage options are virtually limitless.

Whether you need to keep food-grade products fresh or you want to secure chemicals for transport, ISO tank containers can do the job. These containers offer temperature control and pressurization, allowing them to keep liquids airtight and fresh throughout the storage and transport processes. No matter how you plan to use your tank, you can expect it to serve as a cost-effective and convenient type of container.

When you come to the Coastal Container Services team for ISO tanks, we’ll start by discussing your requirements in order to develop a solution you can depend on. We understand the importance of quality liquid storage containers, so we’ll work hard to ensure your needs are met. For more information, contact our team today.

drums stacked

Eco-Friendly Container Recycling

In addition to offering IBCs, drums, totes, and ISO tanks for sale in Houston, we also provide container recycling services. As part of our mission to reduce waste and protect our environment, Coastal Container Services can recycle a variety of containers to keep hazardous materials out of landfills. Our recycling services include the following:

  • Plastic Drum Recycling — We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to clean, sort, and crush used plastic drums of all shapes and sizes. This process allows us to turn these drums into new materials and products.

  • Steel Drum Recycling — In accordance with all industry safety regulations, we recycle steel drums. This process starts by inspecting each drum for contamination to prevent hazardous materials from leaching into the environment.

  • IBC Tote Recycling — The professionals on our team work carefully to break down and process large IBC totes, ensuring every material is separated to be recycled into something new.

  • Other Recycling Services — In addition to drums and totes, we can recycle bulk bags and Gaylord boxes.

Besides offering container recycling services, Coastal Container Services also offers convenient container pickup. If you have used or dirty containers at your facility that are empty and in good condition, we can pick them up and bring them to our Houston recycling plant, ensuring proper disposal and hazard management. This service is free, and our team is willing to work with your schedule.

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Superior Commitment to Customers

None of our services would matter if we didn’t back them up with a superior customer experience! At Coastal Container Services, we understand that businesses on the Texas Gulf Coast have a choice when it comes to their storage and transport containers. That’s why we strive to provide exceptional customer service that leaves a lasting impression on our customers. You can expect high-quality containers, a friendly team, and rapid response times during every interaction with us.

Whether you come to us with questions or are ready to place an order, Coastal Container Services is here to help. It’s our goal to deliver superior results from the start, and we stand by our commitment to our customers.

Your One-Stop Container Solution Specialist

So, what sets Coastal Container Services apart from similar companies in the region? We serve as the one-stop container solution specialist. Whether you need a new ISO tank, want to recycle your plastic drums, or are interested in container pickup services, we can help you get the job done. We’ll work with you to understand your project and its needs, then develop a customized solution that suits it. As a container company that does it all, our team is eager to help.

Coastal Containers Services Is Here for You

If your business has container needs that must be addressed, turn to Coastal Container Services. From drum and ISO tank sales to container recycling and reconditioning, our team is prepared to offer quality and dependable assistance to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us today for more information or to get started with a free quote.

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