Poly IBC tote being filled with liquid from a metal pipe

Using New or Reconditioned IBC Totes for Liquid Waste Collection

IBC Totes are caged intermediate bulk containers designed for successful collection and storage when capturing various liquid or sludge waste streams. IBC Tanks offer 275 gallon and 330 gallon sizes, 1.9 SG, rebottled HDPE caged IBC totes as cost effective, durable waste storage tote options. New IBC totes are engineered and certified for haz or non-haz liquid storage.

For transport, IBC totes are compliant with Title 49 CFRs and are DOT / UN permitted and labeled UN31HA/Y for domestic and offshore modes of transportation and uses.

Rebottled rainwater IBCs feature a newly manufactured inner bottle that is blow mold fabricated from industrial grade, BPA free, virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE). The inner HDPE tank meets ANSI / NSF 61 requirements for drinking water systems.

Engineering of IBCs

Reconditioned IBCs have a protective galvanized steel exterior frame and integrated composite base pallet. Frame and pallet may have seen prior service but have been reconditioned for continued use.

The steel grid jacket is made of tubular, zinc-plated steel and designed to be resistant to rust, warping, physical impact damage, and environmental stressors. The steel frame has two top support bars that can be removed, providing access to the inner HDPE bottle.

The single unit steel frame and HDPE composite pallet base increases overall IBC durability and maneuverability. Most IBC totes have 4 way cross-directional pallet jack and forklift access channels. The integrated skid provides multi-directional approach for organization, stacking, loading, and unloading. IBCs can be stacked 3 high and are not recommended more than 2 high if holding water.

Call the IBC tote experts at Coastal Container for more information on totes for liquid waste collection and shipment to disposal facility.