Stacks of different colored plastic drum containers

Let Us Pick Up Your Old IBC Totes and Drums for Recycling

When you buy the recycled IBC totes, it acts as a great help to the environment as well as lending a hand for a safer & better future environment. It's also a very cost effective to your business. Because recycled totes are less expensive than new IBC totes.

Once the totes are received at our facility, we thoroughly evaluate each individual one. Our trained employees will determine whether the tote is suitable to be reconditioned or be scrapped where it will be 100% recycled. Our process allows us to only place UN/DOT certified IBC totes back into the market at an affordable price. Each IBC tote goes through a rigorous reconditioning and inspection process prior to gaining approval to re-enter the marketplace as a reconditioned tote making sure all of our totes are of premium quality. With our expertise in the market, Coastal Container has the ability to provide our customers with custom programs to suit all of their tote requirements.